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Urgent Care & More: The ER Alternative - Home



We are open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 10:00pm, including most holidays. Urgent Care & More has a quality, caring physician on duty during all office hours. Why wait hours in an emergency room or go somewhere and see a nurse practitioner, not an ER physician?



Quality, Caring ER Physicians


Our doctors are all quality, caring ER physicians with years of experience. Each of our doctors have many qualifications that include, among many others, continued medical education, board certification in Emergency Medicine, and extensive ER experience.



What Makes Us Different?

• Experienced ER physicians, NOT nurse practitioners.
• Quality care at a fraction of the cost for a hospital ER visit.
• More services than most urgent cares.
• Extended hours and open 7 days a week and most holidays.
• Our ER group has been practicing in San Diego since 1992.
• Urgent Care & More has been operating since 1999.
• Nationally recognized for Emergency Room excellence by Press-Ganey.



Services & Procedures


Our Services Include:


• Laboratory work
• X-ray
• EKG capabilities
• General Practice and Pediatric Work
• Gynecological examinations and treatment
• Initial assessment of cardiac events
• Urine drug screens
• Health, Sports, and Dive Physicals
• Other Services


Our Procedures Include:


• Suture repair
• Application of immobilizing orthopedic devices
• Breathing treatments
• Slit lamp for complete inner eye examinations
• Other Procedures



Treatments Include (Among many others):

• Animal Bites, Asthma, Athletic injuries, Broken Bones, Burns, Cold, Cough, Dehydration, Dislocations, Eye Irritants, Evaluations, Fever, Flu, Fracture Diagnosis, Heart Problems, Infection, Injuries, Laceration Repair, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Rash, Respiratory Ailments, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses, Splinting, Sprains, Workman's Compensation Claims...and much more!




*** Chest pain should be assessed by Emergency personnel. Please call 911 with any life threatening emergencies ***



At the rare times when our urgent care is not open to serve you, our ER physicians are staffing emergency rooms all over San Diego County including the award winning Sharp Coronado Hospital ER.